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Who am I?
Hey folks
Nice to meet you!
Might as well introduce myself...
Character Names!
Healing and money, the things that matter most
Post your pic thread
Greetings CRR
Kensei means SWORD Saint, but I wield an AXE
Real Intro: Plus Info~
Edon, The.. Guy..
Meow? :U
Meet the Mascot
"Stop calling me support, I wanna be DD!"
Scrub Elezen here
Yo Everyone this is Garunus
The Cat known as Rayea
Doctor Donna ~ Bad Wolf ~ Isobella
Instant Pwn! Just Add Cryo! (And a Bottle of Jameson's)
Aiea, the drunk.
The return of Kunja
Purrsian of Old
I be Solus
I be Proto
Lodestone page tags
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