Archive for (temp) Forum page for members of the Chaos Reapers Reborn Linkshell/ Free Company in FFXIV ARR

Help and hints
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Кто по&
Crafting Site! Optimize Your Rotation!
Best in Slot
Dragoon Rotation
Gambler's Fallacy, RNG and You
Endgame PLD guide
Amazon order issues
Materia Installers
Crafting skills guide
Macro Help Guide
Art Commission Q's
Spiritbond / Materia metaphor
PS3 freezing
Shared Skills
Name generator
Missing Early Access Codes? PM me.
Square-Enix account
Cryo's PGL/MNK Guide
Cryo's MRD/WAR Guide
Attribute descriptions
Proto's Pro-tips [Aetherite]
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