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<|Free Company housing|> <|Where?!|>
Extreme Mode Primals
2.1 previews and info
Mumble Etiquette
Full In-House Coil Group Thread
Food for coil
2.1 changes
Alliances/Hybrid Groups for Coil and beyond
Coil Group(s) + Gearing out our 50's + Helping Non-50's
Sneak previews from TGS
I present to you..
Poor timing, Proto.
PSN Store, you can mess up my purchass any time you want!
I Apologize!
Is shit oprn? Can't log in.
Possibly AF2 sets?
Primals Unleashed
CG Sculptures
Dungeon Crawl 2 Video
Accessing the PreOrder Early Access site..
Sorry Proto
silly bragging rights
Suggestion: RP Section for forum?
2am PDT Saturday Morning!
So I felt I needed to bring this up...
Eorzea's Greatest Detective
Expanding Horizons
Random Pictures!
Random Video thread?
Trying to Organize Pseudo-Party for Launch Run
quick question
Ability / Localization reasonings
Free Companies, Housing, future patches+races+Classes
FC's their GC's and player GC's
The Obligatory "What Are You Listening To?" Thread
For anyone interested the least bit in Summoner.
A thf turned gld.....
Interesting new video by Yoshi
Question for cryo
This is why I need to be supervised at work...
A Good Stead Needs A Good Name
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