Archive for (temp) Forum page for members of the Chaos Reapers Reborn Linkshell/ Free Company in FFXIV ARR

Screenshot dump
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Turn 5!
Requesting SS of our FC members!
Darklight kite shield dumping
Turn 4 fun!
Random screenshots thread
Magitek Armor
Coil SS Thread
Because I don't brag enough about it...
Grats Cryo
UI Thread
Hating on spam bots
Huge screenshot dump. :3
Ladies and gentlemen.....
Primal Bememoth Spotted!
I Went 'Splorin!
Primal Odin Spotted!
Bleachigo Uzamaki
New Pokemon discovered!
tama like a boss
best item system ever
HUD Editor
Requesting Screenshots of Beta Characters
Candy's Adventures at The Corner
How I feel every time I complain about the humidity/heat
Benchmark Screen Dump
Meanwhile in Final Fantasy XI
Last day of Phase 3 beta Company Gathering
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