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Rant o' Clock
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Hydra: stop blaming tanks.
HM Titan
SMN/SCH + mage cross classing. STOP IT.
Dragoons should not be pulling aggro.
The classy type of folk my restaurant attracts...
Unable to connect to NA/EU
I am fucking tired of HM Ifrit.
Never a good way to start the day...
"worst launch ever!" Rant on rants.
Will be playing even less than I already am
Guess who got 3102'd again?!
Fuck Brayflox fuck shitty healers FUCK.
It is amazing....
Won't be playing today or for a good chunk of tomorrow.
My job, and why it can choke on a dick and die.
Errors 10102 and 90000
Error 3102
kinda drank too much
Error 3102 is the most evil thing ever.
My Lowbie Gaming Life - And My Current Life...
The worst player I've seen in beta yet.
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