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Mali Darksidhe

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:48 am    Post subject: Mali Darksidhe  Reply with quote

Finally! I'm setting a really bad example for y'all, I'm supposed to be in charge of this shit or something right? Anyway, had some time between homework and getting to the point where I can actually sleep, so I made this thing. It's still a work in progress.

Basic Information

In-game Name: Mali Darksidhe

Full Given Name:Maliana Blackblade [MAL-ee-AH-NAH], Skaenwyda Ganzsaldwyn [skayn-VEE-dah ganz-SALD-veen] (adopted name)

Pseudonyms/Nicknames: Primarily goes by the alias Mali Darksidhe. Nicknames include: Mali. Just Mali. Previous pseudonyms: Mali Bloodscythe, Mali Reaper, Mali Blanaren, Malice.

Age: 26 (by physical age)/31 (by birthdate)

Birthdate: 28th sun of the 6th Umbral moon, 1546

Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer

Citizenship: Currently Limsa Lominsa, but she has moved around a lot.


Race and Clan: Highlander Hyur

Height: 6' even. She thinks she's short.

Build: A bit rough and muscular. She has a slight hourglass figure, but her shoulders are a little broader than average (even for Highlanders).

Skin Color: A little on the pale side, considering how much time she spends outside.

Eye Color: Heterochromatic; left eye is a light grey-blue, right eye is blood red and more dilated.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is light purple, with red highlights. whether the red streaks are natural is another thing entirely. She wears it short and out of her way, and it's by complete coincidence that it naturally forms a pompadour-ish style when she does so. It seems to have a mind of its own.

General Dress Style: Mali isn't one for fashion. Most of the time she wears a mishmash of armor and regular clothing, even when she's not "on the job." Her armor seems to be perpetually bloodstained and battleworn, but she keeps her clothes clean and tidy...and becomes very angry if someone gets them dirty.

Tattoos and Scars: Her entire body is covered in scars of various sizes, but most of them are so faint that only a very discerning eye can notice them. Her most prominent scar runs vertically over her red right eye. She is rarely seen without her "warpaint," as she calls it--two streaks below the eyes and three dots above her left eyebrow. Though her reasoning for it changes depending on her mood, in reality it holds no special significance at all...she just thinks it looks cool. She has only one "tattoo," a strange black symbol on her back, between her shoulder blades and her neck. Don't ask about what it means. Really, just don't mention it. Ever.

Other Notes: Mali's steps are always heavy and confident. She's easy to pick out in a crowd just by her energetic "aura," and really has to focus on being something other than herself when she wants to go unseen. She tends to move wildly and often loses balance just walking around, though she's unusually agile in combat. She gestures when she talks...which usually ends up hurting someone.


Voice: Mali is a dichotomy wrapped in an enigma stuffed in a burrito of crazy, and lightly drizzled with chaos incarnate. To say she suffers from mood swings may be both an understatement and a misnomer, as she almost seems to enjoy it. She can be loud and boisterous, or quiet and reserved. Sometimes she loves everyone and everything, and other times she just wants to watch it all burn down. On rare occasions she can even show a softer side, though she's too headstrong to admit it. She always goes to the farthest extreme with her emotions, never settling for anything in between. Her voice is unusually high-pitched for a Highlander (a sensitive subject you don't want to comment on), if she were to ever try "pansy-ass" hobbies like singing she would be a soprano. Despite her pitch she has a surprisingly gruff and intimidating tone to her voice which seems best suited for shouting at her enemies and laughing with her friends, luckily two of her favorite hobbies. She isn't very good at expressing herself outside of those two venues, however, and often finds herself at an uncharacteristic loss of words when dealing with emotions outside of "I love killing things." She doesn't quite "get" a lot of nuances in social situations, and rarely, if ever, filters herself. She even has trouble understanding things like romance, and often if someone flirts with her it'll go right over her head. She usually speaks with a vaguely "Limsa Lominsan" accent, but it comes and goes...almost like it's fake.

  • Men - She gets along better with men than women, for the most part. This isn't to say that she dislikes women, she just isn't very good at being...feminine.
  • Fighting - Not necessarily picking fights with others, but just in general. The thrill of battle is something she enjoys maybe a little too much. She seems more at home on a battlefield than at a social gathering.
  • Stories - She loves tales of other peoples' long as they aren't boring. Just don't ever ask to hear her story.
  • Winning - Post-battle celebrations are common. They usually involve drinking.
  • Food - and drinks. She hardly ever turns down a meal...unless it's dodo.
  • Laughing - often for no reason. She's very jovial despite her antisocial tendencies.
  • Challenges - Mali never stops trying to get better. If you defeat her, you may end up befriending her by she can get you back someday.

  • Dodos - No one quite knows why. Alive, dead, cooked, anything. She hates them.
  • Self-centered people - People who are full of themselves get on her nerves. Whether they think they're the best at something or they simply don't think about others as much, or even if they are so focused on their own problems that they run in "angst mode" all the time.
  • Losing - She will rarely ever admit defeat, even when she's lying half-dead on the ground.
  • Emotional attachments - She doesn't open up to people, and she doesn't know how to respond when people become close to her.
  • Tedium - She hates doing the same thing over and over, and gets bored easily.

Sexuality: Undetermined. Possibly none, possibly everything. Even she doesn't rightly know.

Relationship Status: Single. Probably for a reason.

Religion: "Pfffeh, religion? If the gods wanna come down and do shite right for a change, maybe then I'll start believing."


In Battle: Mali is a killing machine, plain and simple. She's brutal, bloodthirsty, and frankly pretty good at what she does if she does say so herself, than you very much. Her weapon of choice is an axe, the "weapon 'what has the most satisfying gunch to it," as she puts it, but put anything heavy and sharp enough in her hands and she'll probably get the job done. She prefers fighting up close and personal, possibly because she's slightly near-sighted, but most likely because she enjoys being in the thick of things rather than attacking from afar. While she's clumsy to a fault in everyday life, in battle she becomes an agile weapon of mass destruction. Her reckless swings and gung-ho fighting style might look amateur at first, but upon closer inspection every movement has a purpose, every action is precise. She almost turns swinging a heavy axe around into a dance, gliding through the battlefield like a bloody ballerina.

While she also has a connection to the aether enough to become a competent mage, she has avoided the aetherial arts for whatever reason. She almost seems afraid of it. Considering the amount of destructive force a mage is capable of, it's probably for the best.

In Daily Life: Mali, plain and simple, lacks the skills to function as a normal person. She has trouble interacting with others on a good day, she cannot cook to save her life (she has stories of burning water), and her business skills are lacking to say the least. As she is, she could never settle down into a life that didn't involve death and destruction as her primary source of income. However, she has recently found she has a certain knack for the alchemical arts. It figures that she would be best suited for a profession that deals with poisons and playing god.

Despite her appearance, Mali is actually much smarter than she lets on. She's surprisingly intelligent and well-read, and after a hard day of adventuring she can sometimes even be found doing very nondestructive things like reading. Granted, the subject matter of the books she reads varies from pulpy fiction to dark forbidden texts, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Strong-Willed, Passionate - She puts her full heart and soul into everything she does, whether it's swinging an axe or helping a friend. Her dedication rarely falters, making her a strong woman both on and off the battlefield.
  • Loyal - Once you are in Mali's good graces she will always be by your side. She stands by her friends and allies to the death...though she might not always be standing on the "good" side.
  • Master Warrior - She will never claim that she is the best at anything ("it's too boring if there's nothing left to challenge you!"), but she is very skilled with a weapon in her hand and rarely outmatched with an axe.
  • Quick Learner - Mali may act like your average brute but she's actually quite intelligent and picks up new things easily. She can figure out an enemy's weaknesses and adjust her technique long as she doesn't get distracted.

  • Severely Mentally Unstable - It's no secret that Mali is highly chaotic at best and seriously mentally ill at worst. She can be very unpredictable, which often leads to schisms between herself and others if they catch her at a bad time. She may be loyal to her friends, but she has trouble keeping them for very long.
  • Quick Tempered - It is very easy to get her riled up and she doesn't think clearly when she is angry, often lashing out wildly (either figuratively or literally) at whatever is nearby.
  • Emotionally Distant - While Mali may not be a wallflower, she rarely lets people in. Even her closest of friends are kept at arm's reach. She is stoic to a fault and will often pretend that she is fine even when seriously injured, refusing help simply to keep up her "tough girl" appearance.
  • Lacks Foresight - Mali often runs into situations without thinking them through. She relies more on brute strength and quick wit rather than careful planning and thought-out tactics.
  • Easily Distracted - Mali puts her heart and soul into everything, which means that when she gets sidetracked she gets really sidetracked. A good distraction can easily make her lose focus on more important matters, even ones that are crucial to survival.


Note: This is the short, vague version because I'm tired at the time of writing this.

1546 - Mali is born on a ship bound for Eorzea to the Blackblades, a family of merchants.

1547 - The ship is hit by a terrible storm just before reaching Eorzea. Mali's parents are among the casualties, though the ship manages to survive and make it to Eorzea. She is adopted by a Limsa Lominsan Roegadyn captain, Ganzsald, and given the name Skaenwyda Ganzsaldwyn.

1548-1559 - Ganzsal attempts to make a proper lady out of Skaenwyda/Mali. Mali does not mesh well with frilly dresses, tea parties, and etiquette lessons. She spends most of her time evading her father and her tutors, preferring to play pirate on the beach and hang out with other kids in Limsa Lominsa, and usually ends up getting in trouble. She tries to hide from her dad by running around using her original given name as a pseudonym, shortening it to "Mali."

1559 - On her 13th birthday Mali is kidnapped by pirates seeking new recruits/slave labor, not knowing who they've captured until it's too late. After realizing they just pissed off part of the Limsa Lominsan navy more than usual, they flee to a secluded island hideout with Mali still in tow.

1560-1562 - Mali is enslaved/recruited by the pirates and first taught how to swing an axe. The pirates give her the nickname "Malice" because of her fighting style (and because it's a pun on "Mali") Just as she's starting to get Stockholm Syndrome she has a vision of falling meteors and a strange voice (the hook to 1.0) and is compelled to return home.

1562 - Mali sabotages the pirates' ship and leaves them to die a slow death in the middle of the ocean by taking the only lifeboat. She is picked up by her father's ship, and a happy reunion is had by all.

1562-1563 - Mali's father retires to spend time with his daughter. Mali attempts to be her father's perfect little girl for once, but constantly feels like something is wrong or out of place, most likely because of the Echo.

1563 - Mali runs away from home and becomes an adventurer. She only plans to spend a year or two "getting it out of her system."

1563-1572 - Mali's adventures follow the 1.0 storyline. Over the years she switches pseudonyms, mostly out of boredom, but sticks with the first name "Mali" throughout. What she thought would be a quick release turns out to be a nine year career. At least she's damn good at it.

1572 - Mali's right eye is wounded at the battle of Carteneau. And so is the rest of her. She is exhausted and near death when Louisoix casts his final spell.

1577 - Mali wakes up in Limsa Lominsa, being cared for by a mysterious mage. She is given a summary of what happened while she was away by the white mage-in-training that found her. Her father was presumed dead after the Calamity, and he probably is. The wounds she suffered at the battle don't heal quite right, despite the mage's efforts; her right eye stays blood red and dilated and becomes slightly color blind, but gains some uncanny night vision. After recovering, Mali picks a new pseudonym and goes right back to where she started; adventuring.


Friends: WIP

Enemies: WIP

Frenemies/Rivals: WIP

Affiliations: WIP

Other: WIP

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