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Fuck Brayflox fuck shitty healers FUCK.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:47 pm    Post subject: Fuck Brayflox fuck shitty healers FUCK.  Reply with quote

Today I yes, there are many people who wish they could punch people over the internet. Me? I wish I could BEAT THE SHIT out of people through the internet.


Here I am running Brayflox over and over trying to farm for my Battlemage set. At this point I have all the pieces of the set, the gloves headgear boots and pants. All I need are the robes. The last damned piece. Anyways, I get into the dungeon and we're getting through it, with some (*cough*A LOT OF*cough*) difficulty. I thought it was over when our first healer DC'd, but luckily we were able to pick up another. I take a look at our new healer, and lo and behold, they're wearing AF robes. I think to myself "Oh thank god this person will have no use at all for the Battlemage gear. If it drops I should get it!"

We finally get to the final boss. At this point the shoes and headgear had dropped, and I had been given them. I'm feeling pretty good. The mage had been nice and passed (seeing as she was wearing AF gear, it'd be hella uncool not to right?) We finally beat the last boss, and we pop the red chest. Lo and behold, my robes have dropped! I was so freaking happy, it was like Christmas. I was patiently waiting for the rolls to end and then suddenly...

The motherfucking. White mage. Rolled. NEED. AND. WON.

And I lose the robes to this tiny lalapie piece of shit. Suddenly I realize, this mage was never being nice...they most likely NEVER passed on any of the things I was getting before...I was just getting lucky. This damned White Mage already HAD FUCKING AF GEAR. AND STILL. ROLLED. NEED.

After so many hours and so many runs...I finally was gonna get my last piece...and someone just had to be a shit.

Another thing that pisses me off about this though is that this white mage was also TERRIBLE. She kept ending up low on MP and begged me to help her heal, which I was already doing long before she even asked because she was doing a shitty job in the first place. I was friendly to this person. Helped them when they asked. Raised her like 5 times. Helped her heal the party when she couldn't.

And then this bitch does this.

Fuck this person.

Fuck this rolling system.

They need to implment something that makes it impossible to need on something if what you're wearing is better than what dropped. It's completely unfair to be able to do this.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...heres the REAL kicker. This person also had Paragon's Crown equipped. Yeah. The reward for getting all the classes and jobs to level 50. Meaning this person had LITERALLY NO FUCKING USE for it AT ALL. NONE.

I wish I was fucking kidding.

You know, the real reason I'm so upset was because I had put up with A LOT of shit beforehand in previous runs. And I mean A LOT to get to the point where I could finally get my robes. Like a few runs before this our healer was another atrocious one. So much so that I literally was the main healer in the party. As a god damned Summoner.I saved the tank and the conjurer (yes, conjurer, not white mage. This person was level 32 and was still a conjurer) so many damned times I lost count, healing as much as I could, putting myself low on MP. But I did it. I fought hard despite the crap I was getting in the duty finder because I wanted those robes.

I even did the impossible.

This run, the boss was on 10% health left. Suddenly the tank dies, shortly after the other DD follows. I quickly type in the chat and tell the healer to kite it, and just heal himself over and over again. All while still applying DoTs, I ran quickly, raised the tank, refreshed my dots. Told the healer to heal the tank, the tank quickly pulled the aggro away from the healer. Ran to the Pugulist. Raised him too. Healed him up. All while still tossing DoTs on the boss every chance I got, healing the tank, and keeping Ifrit Egi attacking it as well.

When it was low enough, I used our level 2 Limit Break and killed it.

And does anything drop for me after this? Does anyone say so much as a "my bad" or "thanks for the run" or anything? Of course not. The conjurer just gave me lip about how I he didn't like how I was telling him what to do and got MAD AT ME.

This is just like...1 of like 10 runs leading up to the incident with the horrid white mage. When that happened I was just...

Gah CRR I'm pissed.

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Saikyo Joe

Joined: 23 Aug 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Don't worry. I'm the shittiest healer around.

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